Hedge Funds

Forward looking and daily updated market risk intelligence with widest instrument coverage.

Decision attribution framework by analysts, traders, books and scenarios.

For internal management as well as institutional grade client reporting. Integration with most portfolio management systems.


Asset Managers

Centralised knowledge management engine for investment decision support.

Proven state-of-the-art short term risk forecasting models and longer term market scenario framework, for portfolio construction and position management across all asset classes, public and private, down to single issues.

Machine-learning decision attribution models for investment process support, consistently audited.

Flexible governance support framework for monitoring and conforming with investment mandate.


Asset Owners

Interactive dashboard and intuitive reports of investment outcomes simulated under the widest coverage of multiple forecast scenarios – including extreme events – across all asset classes, from asset allocation level down to single deal, public and private.

Robust, frequently-updated, forecasts of downside risk. What-if manager evaluation under changing market regimes and scenarios.

Fully automated, transparent and documented. Attentive and dedicated technical support.