Powered by its knowledge management engine SAPIAT Decision™ allows investment decision makers to track, model and understand investment outcomes using the actual investment processes and decision trees being employed.

SAPIAT combines advanced data management tools with performance and attribution models:  the result is accurate performance calculations with economically meaningful analytics. Decision trees may be constructed and adjusted on-the-fly, with unlimited segmentations and classifications, including any custom attributes or metrics.

Different organizational stakeholders require analytical and reporting requirements which align with specific business needs. Marketing and compliance requirements may be different from those necessary for investment professionals to better understand how each decision impacts alpha and risk.   

Understand your historical performance and the impact of your specific investment decisions, manage your knowledge, measure your thought process and forecast outcomes under market scenarios ahead, with flexible and powerful analytics for all assets across the changing future landscape.

Each SAPIAT product is available via APIs, managed services, or in the SAPIAT platform with pre-configured SAPIAT Dashboard™ for several user types: pension trustee, CEO & executive committee, CIO & investment committee, risk & performance analysts, and marketing teams.


  • All standard position and transaction based performance attribution analytics
  • Emotional and cognitive decision bias correction analytics
  • Advanced decision attribution analytics that map to individual decisions, attributable to the fund manager or investment team
  • Accurate performance measurement for all assets: universal asset type, instrument, and strategies, including those that deploy leverage, active trading and derivatives
  • Transaction-based decision attribution for both alpha and risk, customizable for every investment strategy and related decision tree
  • Performance and attribution analytics for all private assets, including accurate IRR calculations under all scenarios
  • Ability to generate industry-standard performance and attribution analytics to meet compliance and business requirements
  • Reliable & Transparent: Auditing functionality. No black-box. Intuitive explanation for all stakeholders.

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