SAPIAT Dashboard™ delivers analytical and executive interactive solutions that fit the needs of each user group and reporting requirements, in line with SAPIAT’s One Enterprise philosophy.

Supporting decision makers from granular analytics of each financial instrument or fund portfolio held across the whole enterprise, to synthetic visualizations designed to answer overall governance and strategic requirements, SAPIAT Dashboard™ transforms both centralized and autonomous information repositories into a knowledge management framework that is designed to help decisions of executive and analytical teams alike, removing knowledge gaps and information biases, automating and synchronizing understanding across all key stakeholders.

Each SAPIAT product is available via APIs, managed services, or in the SAPIAT platform with pre-configured SAPIAT Dashboard™ for several user types: pension trustee, CEO & executive committee, CIO & investment committee, risk & performance analysts, and marketing teams.


Flexible: user journey customised for decision making

Relevant: no other purpose than serving the use case for investment intelligence analytics.

Bolt-on: keep your current systems running as they are

High Impact: only works to support your most important decision first

Easy to use: you dont need to learn a new system, the system adapts to your need

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