Market experts

Unlock the value
of your insights

Sapiat helps you simulate the market impact of your insights and collaborate with your peers and clients.

Don't be
too humble

An insight is more than a data point, it’s the product of years of hard work, and leverages specialist skills and data sources. Having access to same or more data doesn’t make up for the value that people can generate. A diverse crowd of market experts expresses this intelligence in variety of ways. Sapiat enables market experts to turn their insights into realistic simulations of market events, validate them, and share them with investors.

Financial, Social and Environmental

Knowledge that can’t be used is often met with skepticism. Think tanks, policy institutes, social and environmental organizations and enterprises share the same fabric and intentions of large institutional investors, but find a bottleneck for collaboration in the inability to bring together knowledge, objectives and market impact.

Sapiat wants a future where every stakeholder is able to contribute in a practical way – enabling investors to express, forecast and measure their social and environmental objectives alongside financial returns.