SAPIAT uniquely brings together flexible data ingestion models, short to long-term predictive market analytics and decision management models in a powerful framework that adjusts to evolving market conditions and strategic objectives.

SAPIAT’s advanced market intelligence framework for modelling different states of the market, like changing market regimes, geopolitical risks and climate impact is merged in a consistent methodology with models of each fund manager’s strategy and investment behavior, across all asset classes, delivering superior insights into the strengths and weaknesses of each manager under changing market conditions.

Unmatched reliability, power and flexibility for enterprise investment intelligence analytics.

SAPIAT clients are empowered with knowledge that fits decision processes. Raw information that comes in a myriad of formats and from disparate sources is consistently ingested, modelled and turned into predictive, powerful analytics that answer the most important everyday questions faced by asset owners and asset managers.

Professionally supported from New York, London, Edinburgh, Johannesburg, Singapore & Tokyo.